My passion for American Pop Art, documentary photography, and literature led me on a journey through the United States, where I aimed to capture the essence of the country through my lens. As a hobby photographer, I found that black and white imagery best conveyed the mood and atmosphere of the places I visited.

During my travels, I encountered the harsh reality of the impact of the neoliberal economic system on the country, and the struggles faced by many of its citizens. However, I also found myself drawn to the positive ideals and spirit of the American people.

Photographs of my series „God´s own country“


As a hobby artist I explore and document the world of AI. I am curious about how my perception and understanding of the technology will evolve. I think there will only be a very short period in which AI, at least in the areas of the neural continent that are not yet polished by the echoes of the prompters, will make it possible to observe and document the growing up of AI with a twinkle in the eye and a sense of discovery. Prompts that produce an exciting result influenced by chance today will no longer exist in the future, unless the algorithm „generates“ this look of the good old chaotic ai days, which can never replace the beautiful output of today. 2022.

„I have always to remember that AI and Aigraphy, unlike Photography, never ever can reflect reality, no matter how similar it is to reality; it is just the perfect reflection of our own thoughts.“


I am always open to discussing and sharing ideas and work with others who are interested in the intersections of photography and AI.


Michael Bofinger