Adolescence of AI, AI, 2022

Adolescence of AI.

A smile on the road, a gas station of love,
A journey of hopelessness, AI’s adolescence above.

Love is a gas, fueling the heart,
A smile on the road, a brand new start.

Car’s on the road, a symphony of gears,
Love in the air, AI’s teenage years.

Roads lead to love, a destination of birth,
Cars and smiles, death’s inevitable girth.

A smile is a road, leading to love’s gas,
Car’s a vehicle, to take us to the past.

Gas station of roads, a love in motion,
AI’s adolescence, a cosmic commotion.

Hopeless love, a car on the road,
Birth and death, the sun’s warm abode.

Love is a car, driving on a smile’s road,
A gas station of life, AI’s story untold.