Driving home for christmas, AI, 2022

From east to west.

9 empty gas stations dot the road,
Winter storm ahead, my load,
East to west, my journey goes,
Through the night, the wind it blows.

One day I’ll find the right words,
Simple and true, like birds,
But for now, I’ll keep on rolling,
Under the stars, my mind is strolling.

I like too many things, it’s true,
Confused and hung-up, what to do?
From one falling star to another,
I run, till I drop like no other.

This is the night, it’s magic spell,
It takes me in, it’s under my spell,
I have nothing to offer, just my confusion,
But music, it’s the only true fusion.

Experience is the best teacher,
Not through someone’s distorted feature,
So I’ll keep on rolling, through the storm,
Till I reach my destination, so warm.