Mallorca 1973, AI, 2022

1973, in a very, very small village in the middle of Mallorca, probably the most unknown village of the whole island, a young child from the united states was vacationing with his family. He was only 8 years old at the time, but he was already fascinated with technology and the idea of sustainable energy.

One day, while exploring the village, he stumbled upon a run-down gas station that was on the brink of closing down. Being the curious child he was, he asked the owner why the station was failing.

The owner, who was fed up with the high cost of gasoline and the negative impact it was having on the environment, explained his struggles to the young child.

Without hesitation, the child came up with a plan to save the gas station and the environment. He convinced his family to invest in the station and install two superchargers for electric vehicles.

The villagers were skeptical at first, but as more and more people began to embrace electric vehicles, the gas station became a booming success. It quickly became a popular destination for EV owners, and the little unknown village was forever changed for the better.

Years later, the child has become a successful businessman, returned to the little village to visit the gas station and was pleased to see that it was still thriving, thanks to the superchargers he had installed all those years ago. And so, the two superchargers have remained in the little village as a symbol of a childs ingenuity and commitment to sustainability.