Unusual vending machines, AI, 2022

The mad man’s invention.

The mad man stood on the street corner,
in full swing,
His eyes wild with the fire of invention,
Shouting to all who would listen.

He had built a machine,
A vending machine like no other,
It sold things strange and bizarre,
Brains and eyes, flowers and ice.

But no one would listen,
No one would take him seriously,
They laughed and scoffed,
Called him crazy and deranged.

But he would not be silenced,
He would not be stopped,
For he knew that his machine,
Was the future of all things.

He ranted and raged,
Like a prophet on a mission,
Determined to make the world see,
The brilliance of his invention.

But the world was blind,
And deaf to his cries,
And so the mad man wandered,
Alone with his vending machine of dreams.