My digital darkroom, or…

…how to throw some money out of the window… and just love it!

Some weeks ago i finally decided to buy a digital darkroom (…the alternative was a riding lawn mower my wife thought where more useful and more suitable for me, so…!)  to help my pictures out of the “cold virtual world” and get something more haptic & real… i also wanted to make the prints on my own and have them exactly how i would like them to be. After a while and some research the Setup was found with an EPSON SureColor P800 monster printer, some sheets of A4 Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta and Lightroom 6. The setup, calibration of the printer, monitor and so on wasn´t that complicated and the first two really, really, nice small (DIN A 4) prints are made and now shipped to Facebook friends; hope they will get them soon and hope they like them as well as i do!

If anybody has questions to the printer, setup or so: please feel free to ask!

Update 06/17/2016: As you can see on the first two prints: there is a small black dot at the upper left outer end of the paper. After the setting in the printer setting “advanced media control” and the setting for “roller distance” was set to “broad” everything was fine!

IMG_4091IMG_4100IMG_4092 IMG_4550 IMG_4549

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